Going Green

Hand-Picked Lavender

Steeped in the fertile lands of Pennsylvania, the locally grown lavender adds an element of botanical power in the realm of sustainable cleaning products. Cultivated with care by dedicated local farmers, the lavender flowers bring with them a unique purifying potency and a fragrant charm. The flowers undergo a distillation process to extract a pure and highly effective lavender essential oil. This essential oil lends a soothing aroma to the cleaning products, transforming an everyday chore into a calming, sensory experience. In addition to providing a natural fragrance, lavender essential oil also presents antiseptic properties, augmenting the cleaning power of the products. By using locally sourced lavender from Pennsylvania, the cleaning product manufacturers not only support regional agriculture but also ensure their products are imbued with a touch of nature’s best for a clean that’s both effective and wholesome.

Fresh Beet Vinegar

Spain, a country renowned for its rich agricultural heritage, offers an excellent source of beets for eco-friendly cleaning products. Grown in fertile soil and nourished by a Mediterranean climate, Spanish beets are known for their exceptional quality that can be attributed to the careful cultivation practices followed by local farmers. This outstanding quality plays a pivotal role in the production of beet-based vinegar, which serves as a key ingredient in sustainable cleaning products. The vinegar made from these Spanish beets not only boasts a potent cleaning power but also offers a gentle, natural alternative to harsh, chemically-derived cleansers. By incorporating beet-based vinegar sourced from Spain in their formulations, cleaning product manufacturers demonstrate their commitment to offering consumers environmentally friendly solutions that are both effective and safe to use.

Clean Corn-Based Ethanol

Kansas, with its expansive landscapes and robust agricultural output, is a premier source of corn that is used in sustainable cleaning products. The corn is grown in the fertile heartlands by experienced farmers who are deeply attuned to the rhythm of the seasons. Once harvested, this corn is transformed into ethanol, a key ingredient in eco-friendly cleaning products. The ethanol derived from Kansas corn offers a potent, renewable solution for powerful cleaning, all the while eliminating the need for harsh, artificial cleaning agents. By harnessing Kansas corn's potential and transforming it into ethanol, manufacturers are providing users with a naturally-derived, effective cleaning alternative, reinforcing their dedication towards creating products that protect both the environment and their consumers.